Another Year Begins + More.

Ok, finally back at it!

Hey Everybody!

So the last I updated it was a post on World CP Day ’17. And the one before that was an update I did on my since healing from the stent I spent in the hospital over the 2016 holiday season. To read about that please go to the “Life Since Healing” blog post.

As I lay here on Wednesday March 14th 2018 watching my babies, the puppies sleep, so many things come to mind. The first of which being that since moving things have settled quite a lot for me in a lot of ways the way it’s supposed to I feel like. We moved where we live now in July of ’17. So we are fast approaching on a year of being in this house. We moved in shortly after we were blessed with our oldest puppy Lylah Rose. Shortly after moving into our home we were blessed to find breeder in West Sacramento who we received our purebred boxer puppy Dixie Callaway (pronounced like Callaway a city in Georgia), from. Since being blessed with the puppies a lot of things have happened. My family is in the process of getting me scheduled for a baclofen pump insertion which will be done in Sacramento California at Mercy Hospital.

I’m still waiting on the bill of my new power chair from Numotion Medical Equipment supply in Roseville California. So because we’re waiting on a final fitting date, on which I can bring it home I haven’t received my new wheels yet. I have continued to support and be part of many different Outreach Ministries around our new town. And on a weekly basis I go to two different churches services. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. We were just seen by Regional Center representative physical therapist who is going to put through paperwork for different equipment that could help me live a more independent self-sufficient life in my home.

And for all of these things and so much more I’m so grateful to God. Recently I went to my sister’s home to visit with all my nieces and my nephews. That was fun and very eventful as I’m sure you can imagine reconnecting with my sister and all of my siblings who live just one town over from me now and their young children was a blast! Those visits are so far and few between now that when I go I cherish every moment spent with all my littles and other family members alike.

There are so many good things coming down the pike for me. And I can’t wait to share them all and more detailed posts about about all of them so stay tuned…


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